[INTERVIEW] Infinite September 2012’s Issue of Elle Girl

The seven men of Infinite who overwhelmed the stage with their synchronized choreography went around the set excitedly. We shared a short ping-pong talk with them, and the carefree image fits the boys better.

If you had to compare yourself to a tree? The pine that lives for a very, very long time.
The hero character you like the most? The hero from my childhood Wuroimae.
Your position in the dorm? I’m the type to turn all the lights off if they’re on and to clean. So in the end the uncle?
The point you’re the most envious of among the members? I’m envious because Hoya dances so well.
Do you think of yourself as an adult? I sometimes act like a child, but I’m usually the kind to have deep thoughts.
My habit, preference, tendency, secret that fans don’t know about? I believe in aliens and I’m very interested into spaceships.
Woohyun’s uncommon aegyo is fanservice? I have the confidence to show aegyo to Inspirits during my whole life. Kikikikiki.

A gesture that isn’t a dance move you want to show to the fans if you get to stand on stage freely? I want to send a flying kiss filled with sincerity to the fans.
If you had to point out what changed after debuting? My looks really changed! A lot!
My habit, preference, tendency, secret that fans don’t know about? I believe that aliens really exist. And of course the world after death as well…
The hero character you like the most? The god of gods Zeus, he’s the best god.
What would you being doing if you weren’t an idol? Conforming to my age, I think I’d be going to university studying.

The idol you liked when you were young? Yoo Seungjoon senior.
When do you find out your affectionate and rough sides? When I’m with children, I get surprisingly affectionate and innocent. Wouldn’t I get rougher on stage?
My habit, preference, tendency, secret that fans don’t know about? The fact that I can’t properly use chopsticks is so well-known that it appears on the related-terms search. But I actually can’t properly use spoons either. Keukeu.
A charming female star? The American actress Amanda Seyfried. I think she expresses well in a lovely way characters.
The hottest moment, the most hardworking moment? Right now. Today more than yesterday. Because I will work harder tomorrow than today.
A gesture you want to show to the fans if you get to stand on stage freely? I want to show a sexy gesture. Should I call it carefree sexiness?

When you came back with ‘The Chaser’, you rode an helicopter and did a showcase in 5 cities. I was a bit scared because it was the first time I was getting on an helicopter, but it was a really spectacular day. It was fun to meet fans from several cities.
You brought laughter when you showed a side similar to Kim Jongmin’s on ‘Immortal Song’. I actually didn’t have this intention at all. I stuttered because I was nervous and shaking because I was going to sing in front of big seniors. But this image didn’t disappear.
A category on Mnet’s ‘Ranking King’ where you can shout ‘I am confident I can be 1st place for this!”? Sleeping.
Which member is still awkward in front of the camera 3 years after debuting?Sungjong. In front of the camera he changes for the broadcast.

Your feelings about being in charge of the visual in the team? Each of the 7 members of Infinite have different charms. So I think that we’re all corresponding to the visual position.
When you’re alone? I visit streets I don’t know and take pictures.
Is L a morning person? Or a nocturnal person? A nocturnal person. I like nights where you can feel the infiniteness. Especially the sea at night!
When you’re the happiest? It depends from times. I can’t understand myself either.
The idol friends you’re close to? I’m close with all of the friends who are the same age as me. It feels like we directly get close since we’re the same age.
My habit, preference, tendency, secret the fans don’t know about? I ‘really’ like black.
Something that changed after debuting? The worries about my progress.
A gesture you want to show to the fans if you get to stand on stage freely? I want to look at them one by one for a long time.

Advantageous and disadvantageous points as a maknae? There are no disadvantageous points, and the advantageous point is that I receive cuteness since I’m the maknae. (laughs)
The chant Infinite shouts before going up on stage? We gather our hands all together and shout ‘Fighting~!’ toward the sky
Which member is 1st place in the prank level? Sunggyu hyung.
When you’re alone? Doing shopping, watching movies, riding a bike at the Han river park
A musician you like? The king of pop Michael Jackson! His passion on stage is amazing.
My habit, preference, tendency, secret the fans don’t know about? Before going on stage I always pray.
Something that changed after debuting? I have more thoughts.

A performance you want to show on stage? I want to make a special rap with only guitar and piano as accompaniment to show on stage.
The moment I get weak? When I see blood or the moment I see an horror movie… Euheuh.
If you had to give an advice to last place L as the #1 in the ‘Fashion King’ pre-ranking? It would be nice if his fear for audacious designs and colors disappeared. You have to wear things to know if it fits you, so let’s wear it at least once!
Which member is 1st place in the prank level? Sungyeol. If you prank him first, he’ll make you pay back no matter what. He spots the other one’s weakness well.
A musician you like? Zion.T and Kim Yeonwoo senior. Oversea it’s Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj
A goal you want to reach by the end of the year? These days I play the bass guitar but I want to practice until I get used to it. ♥

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; boundless7; take out with full credits

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