About the awesome Admins

Lisa – Founder

Well my name is lisa I’m 179 years old and i’m from Germany. Even if i’m the founder i’m actually the youngest admin. I’d consider myself as an Inspirit & Sone. Why i created this Blog? Well i wanted to share Random things, News, Pictures well just everything about your fave idols. It’s not that i want to get a lot of Followers or something like that, i love Kpop and i want to share Kpop stuff with everyone who loves it :)  I think i’m supposed to write a lot more about me but i REALLY don’t know what else i should tell you about me .. i’m kinda boring, yup i think boring is the right word ~

Favorite Boygroup: Infinite

Favorite Girlgroup: SNSD

No1 Boyband bias: L

No1 Girlband bias: Jessica

Well if you have questions about the Blog or whatever you wanna know just ask me on Twitter [@Keksprinzessin] or just leave a Comment i’ll read it :)

DeDe-Super Junior,SS501,DBSK/JYJ, CN Blue, F(X) Admin + Main Admin

Hello Kidolsblog followers..my name is DeDe I am 20 years old. My Birthday is March 26 and I have been in love with kpop for 10 years now. Long story short my uncle married a Korean woman so I grew up listening to Korean music. I live in California,USA. If you ever need help on certain kpop news you can always come to me. I am always here to help you guys. I have been an ELF since 2005 and a certified Eunhyuk bias. Other than an Elf I am a Cassie, Vip, Sone, B2uty, Black Jack, A+,Inspirt,Triple S, High Schooler,etc. I also am a die hard Triple S been a fan since their Deja Vu days ^^, my bias is Kyu Jong the center man woo. I also support under rated stars and underground hip hop. My dream is to work in the music industry as either a lyricist or management. You guys might known me for Suju Facts, the massive update of KIDOLSBLOG. I love to write random if you’re suju bf…episodes. I am also the one that give out live updates of certain concerts for Kidolsblog ^^ Other than Kpop I like to listen to CPOP and JPOP. I am an addicted ASIAN DRAMA WATCHER!



Favorite Girl Group: F(X)


No1 Girlband bias: Amber

If you want to talk with me more or anything just hit me up @Super_DeDe [twitter] WE CAN SPAZZ about anything

Afagyel – BIGBANG, 2NE1, BAP, Block B, Jay Park, Teen Top & U-KISS Admin

Hey, everyone. I’m Saleha (or A’a, whatever floats your little boat), the eldest admin of this blog. :D I love music to the extent that I couldn’t live a day w/o it. Music is in my blood. Music is what I wanna do in the future, be it as an artist, a composer, a songwriter, a producer or even a music journalist. I just wanna do something related to music. It makes me sane and happy. :D One of my dreams is to work with YG Entertainment and be a part of YG Family. It’s not cos my favourite idols are from that company but the main reason why I wanna work for YG is that I respect his music and work ethics. He’s definitely one of the people I look up to in the entertainment business. It would be an honour to work for YGE. The funny thing is that I wasn’t really into K-Pop before. Not until a good friend of mine showed me a Korean video sometime in 2009 and it happened to be BIGBANG’s Gara Gara Go. Yup, BIGBANG was my 1st K-Pop band! :D I’ve become a hardcore fan ever since! I’m also interested in the underground scene, especially K-Hiphop. So you’d probably see me promoting underground rappers on my personal Twitter account every one in a while.

Favourite Boyband: No matter how much I spazz over other groups, at the end of the day, I’d still go back to BIGBANG. :D

Favourite Girlband: The fierce foursome, 2NE1

No.1 Boyband Bias: Bang Yongguk. He’s just a perfection. My kinda guy. Haha!

No.1 Girlband Bias: Seoul City’s baddest female, CL!

Well, I guess that’s all from me. If you have any questions about me or any YG artists, feel free to hit me up at my twitter, @Afagyel Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite.

Bo0ya – ZE:A, Secret,EXO,FT island admin

Hi, my english is not really good so it’ll try to be short ^^… i’m 23 i live in France near to Paris I initially love Korea for its language, culture, movies and then dramas! and I dont really know how it started but I listenned to korean music and I kinda fell for it ♥.

First of all i was not in the “boysband” mood at all so i listenned more ballad bcoz i love that and koreans ballads are the best !!!! SG WANNABE stan for EVER ! And that’s the first genre i listenned through watching dramas I guess… and i listen to a lot of Korean indie music, A LOT!!!! the Indie korean music is in my opinion one of the best ! then i discovered FT island my first crush for an “idol” group, who are not really Idols, right ?

Mirotic make me fall for dbsk! I discovered the “man of my life” in Yoochun Oppa ^^  but the group who really gets me into kpop is 2PM ! Hottest powa! hehe things changed a little when Jaebom left … but i still follow all of them.

I tried to find an other fandom to belong to and i opened my mind to various groups (even if i was already doing it before^^ ) the rookies have enormous potentials and you can see that i’m admin of some of them ^^ I love listenning music seeing perf and just gossiping about our boys and girls of the korean variety world XD so I plan to share all i can find about them,my crushes the breaking news and every details that can make you fall for them ^^

I am now an ELF an Exotic and still an Hottest&jaywalker.

Favorite Boygroup: I don’t have a favorite :/
Favorite Girlgroup: Secret
Male Bias: i’ll only say my ultimate biases:Yoochun & Sunggyu but i have so much more XD
Female Bias: Seohyun (SNSD)


13 Responses to About the awesome Admins

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  2. Mei_is_Boo says:

    Thank you so much all of you! :D
    I’m French and i’m really glad that people take time to translate in english k-Idols everyday life ;D
    I come on this site everyday! ^o^
    So, one more time, i’m really thankfull to you ^o^
    Keep on like this! I’m supporting you from France!! ^o^

  3. Rena says:

    Helluwz ♥
    I’ve also to thank you all, so, thank you VERY MUCH! ^___^
    I was really happy when I found this Blog two weeks ago, ’cause trough you I’ve found many korean groups I didn’t know before.
    And sorry if my english is bad, I’m from germany and… still not really good in it >.<

    I'm a proud VIP, Big Bang was my first korean Band, and yes, I'm also coming on this site everyday ^-^

    It's great what you're doing, so, keep on! ♥~

    Greez :)

  4. wj says:

    Why don’t have RAINBOW cause i’m a fan of them….PLEASE admin

  5. afagyel says:

    on behalf of all the admins here, i would like to thank everyone who has been really awesome and who has been supporting us. we really appreciate your support cos without you, our readers, this site would be meaningless and all of our hard work would go down the drain. so, once again, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts! <3

  6. Bebeth Abainza says:

    Hi there dear admins!! Imma huge fan of your blog xDD
    I just wanna ask, why isn’t here a boyfriend and teen top admin? =[[

    • DeDe says:

      teen top is cover by everyone although we have admins specialize on certain group we cover other groups to as for boy friend we have not added any new idol group due to the lack of editors

  7. Myungtae says:

    Can i ask Lisa admin?? :3
    You said you like SHINee Onew,, but why do your no.1 bias boyband is L??
    L is infinite… o.O

  8. wj says:

    RAinbow is famous enough now…please ….i want RAINBOW

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