Full name:Lee Junho
Nickname: Hwang-jae (Emperor)
Birthday: January 25, 1990
Height/Weight: 178 cm/67kg
Position: Main Vocal
Blood Type : A
Languages : Korean
Ideal Woman : A girl who will take care of her kids well
Fav Food : All the food
Junho’s biography: Junho of 2pm looks alot like Rain/Bi. His specialties are singing, beatbox, and dancing. He enjoys listening to music, watching dancing videos, learning composing, reading, and reading fashion. He graduated from Ho Won University – Program Acting Major.


19 Responses to Junho

  1. seung won says:

    junho is the most perfect guy ever for me……;)luv him forever!!!!!!!!!! and ever!!!!!

  2. seung won says:

    huge crush on him!!!!

  3. teavana says:

    Luv Junho’s smile. 파이팅!

  4. alisa says:

    oh he is most handsome for me. specially your eye i love your eye. i wanna be your fan after maybe you r my fan. if you interest call me 010-8098-1199

  5. nadgurlz says:

    luve you…..SARANGHAE JUNHO…..
    your smile is very cute….i luve when you wearing a cap…
    haha…….junho hwaiting….

  6. KeyLover says:

    SO HOT !!

  7. Lia20 says:

    >>>>>so Cute!!!juhno!!!!!
    love him 4ever !!!<3

  8. 2PM fan says:

    he totally look alike to rain!! but i still love him!! yaey!

  9. Nigar says:

    Happy Birthday to you from Nigar Azeri

  10. smilyface11 says:

    his ideal girl ………. kids ……… his ……… wife ……… ohh~
    still luv him …… he’s so perfect …. aigo~
    his fan ……. 4 ever………. ^^

  11. FheerdallkpopJunHO says:

    i love u dah oppa ..

  12. 엘 리 사 says:

    my boyfriend :D haha *plak

  13. maryn says:

    u alike same to Rain Bi ,Junho..
    but u look so cute ..

  14. So JIn Woon says:

    AAA HAPPY BDAY JUNHO Oppa :D <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    Ur so CUTE <3 =3 Love

  15. faizulAS says:

    WOW… hyung daebak!!!

  16. haya says:

    i love junhoo oppa ^^

  17. fitrianader says:

    aahh junho you are so cute :D

  18. imane says:

    i like you and i love you
    <3 <3 i like your voice wooooohooooo

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