Birth Name: Jang Dong Woo
Stage Name: Dongwoo
Nickname: Dinosaur, Monkey Boy, Kenyan, Mother of Infinite, Smile Man
Date of Birth: November 22, 1990
Height: 175 cm
Position: Main Rapper
Blood Type: A
Education: Dae Kyung University – Practical Music
Best Feature: Lips, Eyes
Hometown: Gyeonggi, South Korea


  •  He sometimes writes his stories in a journal. He writes his daily tasks down. If one of the members trying to read his journal that he puts in his bag, he’ll buy one bag with a lock.
  • He is the hardest to wake up, along with L.
  • If Infinite is a family, he’d be the mom.
  • He chose Woohyun who most likely be the best at love/relationships, because Woohyun has a charm that you can’t hate even if you want to.
  • He shares room with L and their manager.
  • When asked to choose between 4Minute’s Hyuna or f(x)’s Krystal, he chose Krystal



8 Responses to Dongwoo

  1. YmiNgo says:

    omg same birthday as me! hehehehe

  2. radia says:

    wooow, ohh! have the same day the same month and same year ^ ^. we are like twins.^^’m so happy to find people who have the same age ^ ^.am 22-11-1990 as u Dong Woo^^
    f:(Morocco) arab^^

  3. anchovy says:

    Dongwoo, I personally love you with all my heart! Please stay healthy! Btw, I love your new red hair!! Saranghae oppa!

  4. choco says:

    go dong do dong

  5. sheira says:

    love u…! nice pic.. :)

  6. jerripop says:

    oh myyy. Dino Jjong and DinoWoo should collab with each other. xD you guys should add more into he’s description..cos he’s really adorable. <3

  7. lovesungjong says:

    dongwoo i love you but i love sungjong more dnt worry youre my 6th fav along with sungyeoul lol they dnt really care

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