Name            : Son Dongwoon
Nickname   : Son Arab, Son Seuko, 16D, Son Nam Shin (Son Male God)
Birhtday      : June 6, 1991
Position       :Vocalist, Maknae
Height          : 181cm
Weight         : 64kg
Blood Type : A
Family          : Mom,Dad and an older brother
Hobbies        :
Writing lyrics, playing piano,reading comics
Specialties  : Piano, Chinese
:A long-time JYP trainee and the last member to enter BEAST. Knows                                     English as he used to live in Phillippines when he’s 10 years old.

Cyworld        : sohndw
Twitter          :


15 Responses to Dongwoon

  1. Sunye says:

    Son Dongwoon fighting!

  2. KanLover says:

    My friend said that he looked like arabian.well..he does.he is so cute!!

  3. raxes says:

    never say never to dong woon .. he so cute .. fighting ..

  4. asdf says:

    always the best dong woon (dude) haha…

  5. snow zaw says:

    fighting dong woon ‘

  6. snow zaw says:

    i love u dong woon

  7. 아이아 says:

    Dongwoon .~
    When will you come to America for a concert?!? I’ll show you around and you can come over my house!!! >.~ if you want!! Tehee I LOVE YOU DONGWOON!! DONGWOON FIGHTING <3

  8. sunny vlee says:

    his amazing i also love writing lyrics and my friend who hates k-pop actually likes him only,,,,,,,,,its amazing!!!

  9. mikie says:

    he used to live in the philippines? wow!! i never knew that. i thought he used to live in the states. aren’t his parents living abroad?

  10. liliya ursu says:

    i love dong woon, hes really hot

  11. mukaddes says:

    fighting dong woon ‘

  12. 4ever_B2ST says:

    cute maknae…loveee

  13. Kpop Lover says:

    Oppa !! U so cutteeee !!

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