Tae Yang was the first among the 5 members to become a trainee member of YG Entertainment at the age of 13.  Since he was always training at YG Entertainment, he has never had a girlfriend, and so he is regarded as the pure, innocent band member by the fans.  However, he is considered quite attractive due to his masculinity and dark skin color, and has more female fans in their 20s and 30s than any other member of the group. His first solo album Hot was a great success. Tae Yang likes urban hip-hop fashion and his hobby is collecting caps.

Position: Vocalist
Real Name: Dong Yong Bae
Stage Names: Tae Yang, YB Tae Kwon, YBTK, SOL.
Date of Birth: May 18th, 1988
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Blood Type: AB
Education: Daejin Univ, Theater and film Department
Skills: Rapping, Dancing,Beatboxing, Singing, Languages (Korean, English, Japanese)
Debut: YG Family’s Second Album in 2002
Hobbies: Basketball, Music, Watching TV
Likes: Church, Summer, Clothers, Game, Manhwa
Religion: Christian
Family Members: Parents and Older brother (Dong Hyeon-Bae)
Personality: Does his best in everything. Over achiever. Doesn’t like to fight. He talks about his problem with his opponent. He listens to you well and thinks about what he is going to say before he says anything.
Musicians he admires: Usher, Omarion, Justin Timberlake
Pendant: A sun (taeyang is korean for ’sun’) which has a crown on top and “YB” in the middle meaning “to become the best in music industry



14 Responses to TaeYang

  1. mdpierrette says:

    a other sexy man with a angelic face.

  2. Vee309 says:

    Tae yang is so hot!!!

  3. Daay says:

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!

  4. I’ll be your girl TAEYANG!!!!

  5. Rena says:

    The first korean song I heared was his “Wedding Dress”.
    Then I felt in love with the language, the country and the people there… (:
    He’s my favourite Idol, forever ♥

    Ich liebe seine Stimme, wie er tanzt, einfach alles :D

  6. Justyna says:

    hot hot hot ! ♥

  7. loh yutong says:

    i wonder……… if Taeyang was to have a girlfriend or a wife, will he be able to have another romance MV with other girls?

  8. Kathy says:

    Taeyang so awesome!!!!! Saranghaeyo!! <3

  9. oh my gosh i love him!!! hes so cool!

  10. ^^ says:

    HIS VOICE awww i can’t get enough of it. I THINK TAEYANG IS THE BEST SINGER IN KOREA.
    yeah? TRY TO LISTEN HIS COVER SONG!! he covered some western songs, and he did it 100x better than an original version.

  11. Yong Ara says:

    TAe Yang Saranghae <33333333 You're always mine =3 :*

  12. meski says:

    wow he is to dye for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love his little eyes and he is a little bit shy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can’t get enough of his dancing moves!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. L*J Park chionssa says:

    난 당신을 사랑 …
    ..<3 4ever

  14. Yoseob says:

    He is not that hot his head is big and his body is small

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