Xiah Junsu

Real Name: Kim Junsu
Stage/International Name: Xiah Junsu – Xiah
Nickname: Dolphin, duckbutt
Birthday: January 1st, 1987 (Registered) / December 15, 1986 (Real)
Birth Place: Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: B
Star Sign: Capricorn
Family: Mom, dad, & twin brother (Junho)
Pets: Leo, Tigger, Bakira (cats), his parents takes care of his dog Xiahki
EducationMyongji University
Hobbies: Games, singing, dancing, piano and soccer
Special Abilities: Singing and dancing
Languages: Korean, Japanese
Position: Middle High Vocal, Dancer
Agency: C-JeS
Motto: Always be positive

Twitter: 1215thexiahtic
Youtube Channel: CJESJYJ
Official Facebook Page: 

2011 Scent of a Woman (SBS) cameo
2006 Vacation
2007 Dating on Earth
2005 Banjun Drama (SBS)

2010 Mozart – as Wolfgang Mozart
2011 Tears of Heaven – as Jun Hyung
2011 Musical Concert with Levay and friends
2011 Mozart (encore)
2012 Elisabeth- as Death

Solo Albums+ Single: 
2012 Tarantallegra Album
2010 Xiah Single


2012 6th The Musical Awards: Popular Star Award (Elisabeth)
2011 5th The Musical Awards: Popular Star Award (Tears of Heaven)
2011 17th Korea Musical Awards: Popular Star Award (Tears of Heaven)
2011 3rd Asia Jewelry Awards: World K-POP Superstar Award (Tears of Heaven)
2011 So-Loved Awards 2011: Best OST “You Are So Beautiful” (Scent of a Woman OST)
2010 4th The Musical Awards: Best New Actor (Mozart)
2010 4th The Musical Awards: Popular Star Award (Mozart)
2010 16th Korea Musical Awards: Best New Actor (Mozart)
2010 16th Korea Musical Awards: Popular Star Award (Mozart)
2010 Golden Ticket Awards: Ticket Power Award for Musical Actor Category(Mozart)

Solo Music Videos

credit to:CJESJYJ


♪ Junsu eats really quickly.
Junsu talks to his twin brother, Junho, on the phone more than a guy would talk to their girlfriends.
Both Junsu and Changmin can’t drink very well.
Junsu doesn’t really have a sense of style. When going shopping, he’d buy the full outfit on the mannequins.
He tells his mother that he loves her and kisses her often, and often puts hearts in his text messages to her.
He never really wet his bed, but the last time he did was when he was 6.
He never got in a fight with his brother.
He wears briefs cause it’s ‘uncomfortable’ wearing boxers when he’s dancing.
He never stands still when he’s talking and he moonwalks to the bathroom.
He helps around a lot with chores.
He likes to eat chicken.
His mom wants her daughter-in-law to be a devoted christian and play at least one instrument. She wants her DIL to have an athletic build.
He and his brother Junho were the noisiest kids in the neighborhood.
The hardest time he went through was puberty when his voice changed.
He was a good student.
He’s never been spanked.
Junsu’s mum favorite present from Junsu was a hairpin and a bouquet of roses.
Junsu takes after his dad.
His mum first realized that Junsu wasn’t a little boy when he told her, “Mom, you don’t have to worry about me anymore. All your hardships are over. I’ll make you happy, and the houses that you draw won’t have to be drawn anymore. I’ll buy you one when I earn enough money. You trust your son right? I love you mom.”
Junsu’s mom was a former Miss Korea
Junsu once won 1st place in a Beauty Competition. The contestants are all male disguising as girls. He joined with his best friend Eunhyuk of Super Junior.
Junsu wants a bright girl with a positive outlook of the world. Yoochun thinks it`s because Junsu is a negative person.
Junsu thinks that dating and marriage are the same thing because he sees the girl he`s dating as his future wife. He has to like the girl that much (enough to see her as a hopefully Mrs. Kim Junsu) in order for him to date her – he doesn`t want to date just anyone. He`ll date her to a point where he wants to marry her. (Changmin agrees with him.)
Micky likes to sleep listening to music on his walkman. He tends to drop it, so at nighttime Junsu might get hit with a walkman or book or something. (That was when they had bunkbeds…)
He will become very excited if people talk to him about soccer
When he is tired of working and you talk to him about soccer he will get very excited again.
When he is surrounded by fans his face will become red
His best friend since childhood is Super Junior member Eunhyuk

Profile written by: Chuniism @ K-Idols Blog
Source & Credits for facts: Tohosomnia.net, Asianfanatics.net, DBSK’s official thread in soompi


9 Responses to Xiah Junsu

  1. kamaxiah says:

    xiah junsu was the one and only idol dat i admire..
    opppsss..seems like im lying..
    but..he was really my only idol..
    the other..just as backup..^^

  2. Dickstine says:

    one of my idol of tvxq / dbsk

    xiah junsu

  3. Becky says:

    I love him, forever and ever…. he and Yoochun are real man, thanks to them I started to love POP a little bit.. xD

  4. xiao ting says:

    i can never love a guy as much as i do to you, oppa..love you soooo much~ <3

  5. zaya says:

    oppa i love you so much <3

  6. mony937064 says:

    por algo son mis favoritos ARRIBA TVXQ!!

  7. luvsu says:

    i really love this boy, he’s an angel, he’s pure and very simple guy.
    keep it up! FLY as high as you can… ‘coz you deserved it!
    and keep your head up… you haven’t done anything wrong!

  8. I’m disapointed with him because he did a promise to Hyuk and he not fulfilled …
    But he is a really cute guy.

  9. Exclusive interview with XIA_Junxu_김준수: https://youtu.be/qnhj3HRkmXY

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