Kidolsblog Twitter Special Segments

Each day will be different segments

1) Wallpaper: We help twitter followers find wallpapers related to kpop it can kpop groups, solo artists, and even Korean dramas.
2) Role Play: Ever wonder how your bias will reply to your message? Well now you can recieve your answer because Kidolsblog is bringing you Role Play a segment where your bias will answer your message.
3)Pic Spam: The Spam of your life with your bias but this time around there’s a theme.
4) OTP (One True Pairing): Ever wonder how your favorite OTP acts during random situation well now you can with our special segment OTP.
5)Snippet of BF/GF series: Love our BF/GF series? Well we are bringing it to Twitter with small snippet of situations if you were your bias bf/gf.
6)Regular Games: We can’t forget the regular games if you love would you rather or pick one or guess that song :) this segment is for you.
7)GIF SPAM: Moving pictures with themes? Oh my gosh yes we are bringing that segment also.
8)Kpop Facts: TOP 20 facts of kpop related for your ultimate kpop addiction.
9)Kpop Quotes: TOP 20 Quotes from your kpop fandom
10) Kpop Addiction: How do you know if you’re addicted to kpop? We’ll let you know!

The Admins Special Segments look at the admins with their special segment and catch them on our twitter

@esmefo: Pic Spam, Gif Spam, Kpop Addiction
@shoEhya: Pic Spam, Gif Spam, Regular Games
@Super_DeDe: OTP, Snippet of BF Series, Role Play, Kpop Facts
@Afagyel: Role Play, Snippet of BF series, OTP
@chuniism:Gif Spam, Kpop Quotes, Role Play
@zulaiqaziz:Regular Games, Kpop Addictions
@Keksprinzessin:Pic Spam, Wallpaper, Regular Games


Schedules of Twitter Korean Time:

@esmefo : 5am-6am
@shoEhya : 7am-8am
@Super_DeDe: 12pm-1pm
@Afagyel : 8pm-9pm


@zulaiqaziz: 11:50pm-12:50am

@Keksprinzessin (Our Founder does not have a set schedule)


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