8 Responses to K-Idols

  1. yoobin says:

    why i dont see k.will they are good to please make them in the list too thanks ….

  2. Ji Hye says:

    Can you have a biodata for solo korean singer such as IU , K.Will and other more…. I hope you fulfill my wish??? kamsamida!!1^^

  3. bobo says:

    عربي بليييييز

  4. Ju says:

    Falta a banda B.A.P…

  5. Min-Jee says:

    Falta também Exo (K e M) e ainda Nu’est… ;)
    They are the Best… *

  6. L*J says:

    Why idon’t see nu’est..and after school .2am.glam.fiestar.girls day.rainbow.coed school.k.will.iu.se7en.rain.boA. oh woon bin. wonder girls ………..

  7. Nicole says:

    vixx.brown eyed girs.hello venus.apink.f,cuz.the boss.boy friend.jj project……please …please make them in this site….it is’nt site…??????????????

  8. virus says:

    thanks this web is cooooooooooooool!!!!!!

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