Name: Do Kyung Soo | 도경수
Group: EXO K
DOB: 1993 JANUARY 12
Height: 173 CM
Position: Lead Vocalist
Speciality/Hobby: Singing, Beat Box

Recruited into S.M. via: 2010 S.M. Casting System


9 Responses to D.O

  1. wita says:

    oohh,,,my bias

  2. feifei says:

    Love him<3 D.O=O.O

  3. PandaDaps says:

    does he have a twitter account? lol

  4. Michael(myanma) says:

    like u

  5. his birthday was the same as mine!! january 12!! i didn’t believe it!!

  6. exoshidebang says:

    d.o is only mine hhe

  7. syahmi nabil. says:

    Annyeonghaseyo D.O. , I always support you ,, I will support you ….EXO!!!!WE ARE ONE ‘ SARANGHAE OPPA DO KYUNYSOO , FIGHTING!! DKS 🐧🙆

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