Name: Lu Han || 鹿晗
Group: EXO M
DOB : 20 April, 1990
Height: 178 CM
Position:Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Hometown: Beijing Haidian
Nationality: Chinese
Education: Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School 2005
Hobbies & Interests: Rubik’s Cube, animation, art, video games, computers, water sports, racket sports, nature sports, basketball, baseball, football, music, concerts/clubs, television, animals, travel, singing.


  • Before his debut, he had a certain popularity on the Internet without being a cyberstar. He often updates his blog.
  • He shares his room with XuiMin and Kris.



6 Responses to LuHan

  1. does ha have a blog??? Please could u add it? Wonder what he has posted so far hihi

  2. can u please share his blog and his blood type ^_^

  3. koronilia says:

    my god~he’s amazing!!

  4. Michael(myanma) says:

    very smart brother
    ar ju jowa

  5. Peace NLH says:

    Lhan oppa I love u neomu saranghaeyo

  6. maknae98 says:

    OpPa sArAnGhAeYo..Wo aI ni

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