Birth Name: 이성민 Lee Sungmin
English Name: Vincent Lee
Blood Type: A
Weight: 57 kg
Height: 175 cm
Position: Vocalist & Song Writer
Subgroup: Super Junior Trot,Super Junior Happy, and Super Junior M
Birth Date: 01/01/1986
Language: Korean, Japanese & English [Limited]
Nick Names: Pumpkin Guy,Sungmin Who’s Too Cute for Us,Minimi,Alice




2008 Sanggeunie’s Hope album
2008 ROCK&GO
2007 Student’s Cheer song

Soundtracks/ Osts

2012 We Need a Fairy OST
2010 The President OST
2010 Haru OST
2007 Homicide Investigation Team OST


2012 I AM. – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden
2010 Super Show 3 3D
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys as Flower Boy Victim #1, the popular pretty boy

Television Dramas

2010 The President as Jang Sung-min
2008 Super Junior Unbelievable Story
2006 Banjun Theater: Finding Lost Time as Yoochun’s best friend
2005 Charnel House Boy as young baseball player boy
2005 Sisters of the Sea as young Kang Dong-shin

Music Videos Appereance

2012 “Oppa, Oppa” Japanese single
2010 “Let’s Go” 2010 G-20 Seoul summit

Variety shows

2012 Come To Play
2011 We Got Married (Season 3) guest for Leeteuk and Kang Sora
2011 Happy Together season 3
2009 Oppa Band
2009 Intimate Note
2009 Miracle Show
2008 Unbelievable Outing S3
2008 Idol Show Season 1
2007 Girls’ Generation Goes to School
2007 Idol World
2007 Hello Chat
2007 Explorers of the Human Body
2005-2006 Super Junior Show (KM)


2012 Jack the Ripper as Daniel (Japan)
2011 Jack the Ripper as Daniel (South Korea)
2010 Hong Gildong as Hong Gildong
2009 Royal Musical Akilla as Ro

Radio Shows

2011-present Super Junior Kiss the Radio (Sukira)
2007-2008 Chunji Reckless Radio (천방지축 라디오)

Facts about Sungmin

♥ Sungmin has a father, mother and a younger brother called Lee Sungjin.
♥ Sungmin’s first kiss is his closest friend Eunhyuk.
♥ He loves accesories picked by the people he loves.
♥ Sungmin’s closest friends during training is Xiah Junsu and Eunhyuk.
♥ Sungmin showers together with Eunhyuk.
♥ Sungmin already kissed Eunhyuk for about 3-4 times.
♥ Sungmin learned Chinese martial arts. He’s very good at it.
♥ Sungmin’s favourite singers are Lee SeungChul , KangTa and etc.
♥ Sungmin claims his cuteness is “natural”.
♥ Sungmin’s best friend in SJ is Shindong and usually goes to talk to Shindong about his personal issues and asks for advice from him often.
♥ Sungmin like girls shorter than him ,cute, acts cute a lot, nice, sings well or likes music,does a lot of pretty actions amongst celebrities.
♥ Sungmin’s roomate is Kyuhyun.
♥ If someone he didn’t know said : “Darling~ honey~” to him, he would reply : yes~ honey~
♥ Sungmin likes to eat hamburger.
♥ Sungmin’s ideal girl is a girl with 158cm tall.
♥ Sungmin is the second richest in Super Junior.
♥ Sungmin get’s really, really, reaaaaaaaaaaally cute when he’s drunk so Heechul had to slap him to snap him out of it.
♥ Sungmin is envious of Kyuhyun’s singing voice.
♥ Sungmin would often ask Kyuhyun to sing to him so he can sleep
♥ In Sungmin’s high school grades, his highest was 98%. But he just said “secret” and refused to say his lowest grade.
♥ Kyuhyun and Sungmin loves to use same accessories, like ring, watch, necklace

Music Videos

Super Junior M

Super Junior Happy

Super Junior T

credit to: DeDe@Kidolsblog


22 Responses to Sungmin

  1. nor says:

    (^_^(^_^)+(^_^)^_^)=happy together..

    Hope,he will be happy with his life..

  2. Pimph.... says:

    Sungmin *-*
    So cute~~~~~~~
    and lovely~~~ <3

  3. Tina says:


  4. song ahra says:

    sungmin oppa, saranghae :)))

  5. song ahra says:

    I really want to see you,

  6. Dickstine says:

    wow you are so cute

  7. Jenna Nazareno says:

    hi vincent lee… LOL… Hi Sung Min!!! I didn’t know that Sung MIn has an English name… It’s so cute.. Vincent!!!

  8. zaya says:

    sungmin is cute person kkkk

  9. vELF says:

    Sungmin Oppa.
    I miss you so much!!!

  10. fitcutebum says:

    sungmin oppa sarangaeeeeeee

  11. Yoon ZeeZii Hae says:

    oppa!cute member eva’!

  12. milca fiel namit says:

    love love love… Minnie….

  13. GaemGyu says:


  14. popy says:


  15. ELF forever♥SJ says:

    Sungmin oppa! I love you! You’re the CUTEST oppa in SJ! Saranghae Sungmin oppa! :)) ♥

  16. MsPumpkins says:

    ahh… saranghaeyo oppa! >.<

  17. hannah says:

    ~Saranghae!!! <3

  18. Ming'girl says:

    saranghaeyo lee sungmin

  19. memen says:

    love you sungmin oppa:)love your voice,cuteness and being you:):)kyumin forever:)

  20. cecy says:

    Me encantas Lee Sungmin!!!!!! ♥
    baila genial hermosa voz y ni hablar fisicamente
    Saranghe oppa !!

  21. L*J says:

    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min
    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min
    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min
    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min
    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min
    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min
    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min
    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min
    I LoOoVe YoU..You Are King Idol..<3 ~***~~~~****
    Sung Min

  22. Where do you know that min first kiss is hyukkie? n that he showered with hyuk? anyone know?

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