Name :  Oh Se Hun | 오세훈
Group: EXO K
DOB: 12 April, 1994
Height: 181 CM
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Speciality/Hobby: Dance, Acting
Facts: He’s a former ulzzang



9 Responses to Sehun

  1. yadanar.ym94 says:

    Sehun…………You are so so smart guy…..

  2. feifei says:

    you should also add that he has a lisp bc of his retainer and everyone loves him and he’s married to luhan and i draw him everyday in art class sobsobsobbbbb

  3. YeFany says:

    aq suka sehun gara2 lihat mvnya twinkle…….. kan ada dia n kai.:)
    aku langsung luka……..

  4. Noni says:

    one of the most pretty boy i have ever seen….
    I love sehun!! U r the best looking guy..ever

  5. SehunBiased says:

    Sehun’s real name please ~

  6. dewi harlina says:

    sehunnnnnnniiieeeeee <3

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