Real Name: Shim Changmin
Stage/International Name: Choi Kang Changmin – Max Changmin
Birthday: February 18, 1988
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood Type: B
Star Sign: Aquarius
Family: Mother, father & two younger sisters
Pets: Mangdongie (dog)
Education: Gaepo High School (graduated in 2006), Kyunghee University
Hobbies: Singing, eating, gaming & listening to music
Special Abilities: Singing & dancing
Religion: Buddhism
Habits: Goofing off with friends
Language: Korean, Japanese
Position: High Vocal, Maknae
Agency: SM Entertainment 

2012 Fly With The Gold as Momo
2011 Paradise Ranch (SBS)
2010 Athena: Goddess of War (SBS) cameo, ep 16-20
2006 Vacation
2005 Banjun Drama (SBS)

Random Facts

♪ He’s the youngest in the group

♪ His ideal type of girl is always changing

♪ he doesn’t like his thick hair

♪ Wants to go jogging with his girlfriend at 4-5am if he has one

♪ Likes to excercise and can run very fast

♪ Before debut, he would make up excuses as to why he msised class. Each time it was always a relative’s funeral and when he couldn’t make that up he’d say something else. No one was curious because he has a wide range of relatives.

♪ He is amazed by girls who can speak english

♪ Changmin kepps things to himself but when he is angry, he will suddenly explode

♪  He said that he will not pierce his ear as he does not believe in making holes in the body his parents gave him but he has now one piercing in both ear.

♪ He is the best swimmer in the group

♪ He got into one of South Korea’s top universities

♪ Changmin’s parents are both teachers

♪ Changmin’s first kiss was taken away by Jaejoong and he cried. Jaejoong kissed him because he was sleeping and Jaejoong suddenly felt that he was cute.

♪ Changmin’s happiest moment was when he stepped into SM

♪ He eats 8 meals a day

♪ When he’s happy, he eat a lot..also when he’s sad.

♪ Changmin likes to learn Japanese words which aren’t even used on a regular basis, meaning long, deep meaning, and difficult to pronounce kinda words

♪ He talks in his sleep. he can even reply people’s questions when he’s asleep.

♪ Changmin never thought of beating someone like Jaejoong because the first time he saw him, he thought that Jaejoong was a cold and serious guy.

♪ He and Jaejoong show their love by beating eachother

♪ Members thinks that Changmin is a cassanova

♪ Changmin would write notes to remind Yunho to eat

♪ In order to make leader Yunho seem taller, Changmin who’s the tallest in the group would bend his knees a bit.

♪ His favorite movie is Harry Potter

♪ He doesn’t talk much

♪ He get sick very easily

♪ Changmin thinks that a girl is most pretty when washing the dishes, he feels like hugging her from behind

♪ He is an expert in peeling fruit

♪ If he must date a member, he will date Junsu because he is pure and innocent.

♪ He has the poorest eyesight in the group

♪ He and Yoochun loves to eat supper. They would wake uo at night to eat. Once, Yoochun woke up to eat without waking him u and Changmin nagged at him.

♪ Yoochun used to sleep the most but now it’s Changmin

♪ He loves to sleep so it’s really hard to wake him up

♪ He has hamtaro pyjamas and Jaejoong will borrow it from him

♪ Changmin liked actress Han Ga In but when she got married, he changed hos computer’s wallpaper

♪ He was afraid to be a singer but his mother encouraged him

♪ He has strong concentration

♪ One of Changmin’s eye becomes larger than the other when he’s smiling really happily

♪ Changmin replies to every single fan’s UFO messages

♪ Changmin can scream very nicely. That’s why he screamd in the song ‘Mirotic’ and ‘Rising Sun’

♪ He admitted his fashion sense is bad

♪ Changmin has falled asleep on stage before

♪ He’s favorite number is 7

♪ He’s the shyest in DBSK

♪ Changmin trained in the gym so that he can win over Jaejoong in fights

♪ Want to visit Europe

♪ His favorite fruits are tangerines, bananas and oranges

♪ Was born at 5am

♪ Favorite animal is dogs

♪ Changmin wants 2 or 3 kids

♪ He tried very hard at work and reading

♪ His favorite colour is purple

♪ His childhood dream was to be a tv announcer

♪ When Changmin was first introduced to the members, all members said Changmin is like an angel. 6 years later, members describes him an evil.

Profile written by: Chuniism @ K-Idols Blog
Source & Credits for facts:,, DBSK’s official thread in soompi


14 Responses to Changmin

  1. JaeChunSuHoMin says:

    keep fait oppa!we believe u five!! :D

  2. JaeChunSuHoMin says:

    keep faith oppa!we believe u five!! :D

  3. ChangminLover says:

    I love you changmin forever

  4. Marianna says:

    Não divido ele com ngm
    MY Man
    My bor My

  5. saddydaddy says:

    ahahaha…i liked the facts about him..

  6. sallywantsapple says:

    Such a lot of information!:D You should just add that Kyuhyun is his best friend8D

  7. seyhakline says:

    Changming is so cute n awesome love ya DBSK

  8. Anis says:

    My type…

  9. ncd189 says:

    haha lol keke some of it was funny.. haha XD AKTF!!!
    i miss them as five.. ^^

  10. yumin_LURVEdbsk says:

    CHANGMIN oppa , saranghaeyo …!!!!! ^_^

  11. ♪ When Changmin was first introduced to the members, all members said Changmin is like an angel. 6 years later, members describes him an evil.
    *Changmin and Kyuhyun (SJ) are best friend so, no wonder both of them are devils. keke =D*
    Talking in sleep, crying when lose his first kiss. Aigoo~ So funny. ^^

    I love all the information about him. Such a naughty boy. !


    cute ni changmin

  13. Talaghan says:

    Changmins been my favorite from the five since the start, and Jaejoong is my best friends favorite! Even though we love them all just as much!!

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