Name: Park Chan Yeol | 박찬열
Group : EXO K
Height: 184 CM
Position: Rapper

Other Facts :

  • When he started be a trainee: March 2008
  • We can see Chan Yeol in DBSK’s MV “haha” and at the beginning of the japanese MV of SNSD Genie.
  • In 2008, he won the 1st price of Smart Model Contest
  • He shares his room of dormitory with Baekhyun and he would be used to make a kind of whistling before falling asleep, what would moreover prevent this last one from falling asleep.



6 Responses to Chanyeol

  1. feifei says:


  2. gi gi says:

    u r smart
    saranghae ,ar jujowahae

  3. paypips says:

    i like to see you in personal :))

  4. PUTRI RIANA says:


  5. LJ says:

    I Love Chanyeol

  6. nur syazwani says:

    Annyeong oppa! I’m exo-l from Malaysia,To chanyeol oppa and all member please stay cool and Lay I miss you so much😭😭 please make a new comeback with Lay😭 OT 9 FOREVER!! FIGHTING!! WE ARE ONE👍

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