Birth Name: 신동희 Shin Donghee
Stage Name: 신동 Shindong
English Name: Mathew Shin
Blood Type: O
Weight: 93 kg
Height: 178 cm
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Subgroup: Super Junior Trot & Super Junior Happy
Birth Date: 28/09/1985
Language: Korean and English [Limited]
Nick Names: Dolpan Ogyupsal(a type of food),Dongri Dong Dong, Winnie the Pooh



2012 I AM. – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden
2010 Super Show 3 3D
2007 Alvin and the Chipmunks as Theodore
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys as Ultra Junior member

Music Video Appearance

2011 “Oppa, Oppa (Shindong Version)” – Director
2007 “Flight Girl” – Magolpy

Hosting programs

2009 MBC Lord of the Ring
2009 SBS Miracle
2008 MBC Idol Show Season 1
2008 Unbelievable Outing Season 3
2007 KMTV DJ Green Apple Sound
2007 MBC BoBoBo Ai Joa
2007 Explorers of the Human Body
2006 Mystery 6
2005-2008 M.NET M!Countdown
2005-2006 Super Junior Show (KM)

Radio Show

2008-present MBC “Stop the Boring Time”


2011 SBS Entertainment Awards: Best Entertainer Award (Talk Show Division)
2010 SBS Entertainment Awards: Best Newcomer MC
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Male Rookie Award

Facts about Shindong

♥ Shindong’s favorite color is purple
♥ He also known as Super junior’s Teddy Bear
♥ Shindong often feels resentful to Donghae because Donghae often borrows his clothes not because eDonghae wants to wear it but for to be the blanket.
♥ He is Super Junior’s Choreographer
♥ Lee Teuk and Shindong is the first member who visited SNSD dorm. Shindong also have decorated their dorm quietly for a surprise
♥ In the Super junior member the most often snored is Shindong
♥ Shindong very like online shopping because his size is very difficult to look for
♥ Shindong has a habit he sleeps naked
♥ Shindong is known as the mood-maker for SuJu and gets everybody in a happy mood.
♥ He often ride his scooter with Sungmin
♥ In one of Super Junior’s shower competitions, he took only 27 seconds, breaking Siwon’s record of 30 seconds.
♥ Out of all the Super Junior members, Shindong had his first kiss first.
♥ When he’s going on a diet, shindong talks about foods in his sleeps
♥ Shindong is really open with his life he announce he is currently in a relationship and he got double eye lid surgery,
♥ He say the person he is most awkward with is Donghae
♥ Kyuhyun likes to kick Shindong’s butt and not just him but a lot of the members agree
♥ He is famous for cross dressing on Strong Heart
♥ He loves pork out of all the food.
♥ He say he likes to own things that is why he have a lot of business
♥ He is known to be cheerful and always try to resolve things in the group
♥ Shindong reveals that he is not the only child but in fact have a little sister
♥ He always feel sorry to Super Junior because of his looks he feel like Super Junior is always look down on.


Super Junior Happy

Super Junior T

credit to: DeDe@Kidolsblog


3 Responses to Shindong

  1. jewel785 says:

    wow, Shindong, you’re so handsome in this picture. I hope he gets fit again, you’re really handsome and hot if you get more fit. you look like a drama actor here.

  2. kpop says:

    Dear Shingdong,
    Everytime I see you and you dance in Pajama Party, it never fails to make my day. Never. :)

  3. SJ says:

    i dot like you

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