Full Name   :Yoon Doo Joon
Position        :Leader
DOB                :July 4, 1989
Height           :180 cm
Weight          :67 kg
Blood Type  :A
Specialty      :Vocals/Rap
Nickname    :“Samcho gongyoo” (3 second gongyoo)
Education    :Kyunghee Cyber University
Specialty      :Soccer,Voice impersonation 
Hobbies         : Soccer and playing video games

Extra               : First appeared in M.Net’s JYPE Hot Blood Documentary; featured in                                       AJ’s single “Wipe the Tears” during his predebut days. He was a cast of                                   MBC All My Love and one of the ‘butler’ in MBC Actress Butler. He also                                   was featured in Eluphant’s song entitled ‘Kidult’.

Twitter           :BeeeestDJ


12 Responses to Doojoon

  1. leekiong says:

    Woow Woow he soo cute

  2. babo says:

    oopa saranghaeyo

  3. Vee309 says:

    He is so hot!!

  4. Nigar says:

    for he is the best

  5. jnny says:

    i luv u so much, oppa.
    i luv beast…
    beast is the best…

  6. 1128 says:

    love ++++++++++++ dujun

  7. nicely2u2 says:

    he’s one of my fave’s<33

  8. daada says:

    i love you oppa .. saranghae !!!! he is bias !

  9. DOO JOON i love your voice! SARANGHAE

  10. LOVE says:

    B2st is the best..du jun saranghae..

  11. Great read. i love redondo beach marketing and redondo beach.

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