Name: Pyo JiHoon (P.O)
Birthday: 02/02/1993
Born: Seoul
Height: 181cm
Weight: 64kg
Education: HanLim Entertainment High School (attending)
Hobbies: acting
Specialties: rapping, lyric making
Experience: participated as a guest in Vibe’s 2010 concert.


8 Responses to P.O

  1. BT says:

    wah. so he’s the maknae then?
    I really like them so far(:

  2. Justyna says:

    i LOVE HIS VOICE . ! < 333

  3. he’s a realy bad copy of T.O.P and GD in one…sorry they are better..

    • afagyel says:

      It’s unfair to compare this boy with GD&TOP, who have been in the game for so long now. P.O has just debuted and he is still young. Give this boy a chance to show his true potential. :)

  4. liliya says:

    i love his voice, its really good, hes really cute to, i dont know why but he looks so cute when hes wearing shorts lol

  5. echoworld says:

    Wow! Worthy blogging :)

  6. It’s very easy to different T.O.P and P.O voices. Makne isn’t guilty cause nature gave him such a nice voice.

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