Real Name: Han Jaejoon (birthname) – Kim Jaejoong
Stage/International Name: Youngwoong Jaejoong – Hero
Birthday: January 26, 1986 (Registered) –  February 4, 1986 (Real)
BirthPlace: Gongju, South Korea
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood TypeO
Star Sign:
 Biological Family – Parents (Divorced) with a half brother and half sister | Adopted Family – Mother and Father with 8 older sisters
Jiji, Yoyo (cats)
 Graduated from high school, but no information as to university

Hobbies: Singing, Cooking, Piano, Composing, Playing Games, Working Out
Special Abilities: Singing, imitative singing
Languages: Korean, Japanese
Position:  Lead Vocal, Harmony
Agency: C-JeS
Motto: Be modest and humble

Twitter: bornfreeonekiss
Youtube Channel: CJESJYJ
Official Facebook Page: CJESJYJ

2012 Time Slip Dr. Jin
2011 Protect The Boss (SBS)
2010 Sunao ni Narenakute (Fuji TV)  – Being the first korean singer in a J- drama
2006 Vacation
2007 Dating on Earth
2005 Rainbow Romance (MBC)
2005 Banjun Drama (SBS)

2009 Heaven’s Postman (SBS)

Director of:
– 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in Asia (Bangkok, Taipei, Beijing, Busan, Gwangju)
– Sohn Yeonjae’s Gala Show in  ”LG Rhythmic All Stars” (2011)


2012 Shorty Awards Vox Populi: People’s Choice Winner
2012 3rd Philippine Kpop Convention: Hottest Male Idol of 2011
2011 The 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Best Supporting Actor for Spring season (Sunao ni Narenakute)
2011 The Oricon’s “Spring Drama ☆ AWARD 2010″: Spring Drama Most Interesting Actor
2011 The Year’s Best Celebrity on Twitter 2011: Shorty Awards Celebrity
2011 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Protect the Boss)
2011 2nd Philippine Kpop Convention: Hottest Male Idol of 2010

Random Facts

♪ Jaejoong has 9 tattoos.
On his shoulders:  “TVfXQ Soul”
Left clef: “The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor”
Right clef:  “A song will outlive sermons in the memory”
Below TVfXQ Soul: “Hope to the end
Pic one – Pic two – Pic three – Pic four – Pic fivePic six

The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor
~ Latin proverb

A song will outlive all sermons in the memory.
~ Giles, Henry

Hope to the End
~ Bible quote: I Peter 1:13 [not verified]

On his chest:  ‘Always Keep the FaithPic 
above it ‘Deferto Neminem’ Pic – Pic Two
which is latin for “Accuse no Man” (it’s from Shakespeare)
On his low back:  ‘2’ tattoos  Pic
O I II VI – 0126 (January 26 – Registered Birthday)
O II O IV – 0204 (February 4 – Real Birthday)
On his (lower) back:  “JUNSU” and “MICKYPic – Pic two 

“The ‘Always Keep the Faith’ tattoo I have on the front represents my desire to protect my beliefs.” (Translation by allkpop, Source: Jaejoong, Elle movie still interview)

“Even though I can’t see the tattoos on my back, but when I do manage to see them, I recall (their significance) and after thinking about it, I realize that there are things to be thankful for, and this is their purpose.” (Translation by Tohosomnia, Source: Jaejoong, Elle Movie Still interview

“The tattoos I have on my back, I don’t see often, but they’re there so that I can reflect on them when I do see them…” (Translation by allkpop, Source: Jaejoong, Elle Movie Still interview)

“I’m merely engraving everything I hope to not forget, everything that consoles me, andeverything I’m thankful for onto my body.” (Translation by allkpop, Source: Jaejoong, Elle Movie Still interview)

Childhood dream was to be a grocery store owner, so that he could eat all the cookies.

He likes to look at  mirrors.

♪ When he gets very excited he will start to speak in ‘native’ slang.

♪ He don’t know how to use his eyes to ‘electrocute’ girls.

♪ He hate it when people say he is pretty, he want people to regards him as handsome/cool, not pretty as pretty is for girls.

♪ He likes unique underwear.

♪ He looks very cool but actually deep down inside he is warm hearted.

♪ Once during a Coca-cola drinking competition he fainted after drinking Coca-cola so now he has a phobia against Coca-cola!

♪ He has to wear eye mask when sleeping.

♪ He has a slim and fragile waist

♪ He likes cooking very much so he likes fans to give him recipe book from various countries as a gift.

♪ Had 11 piercings (4 in the left ear, 5 in the right ear. had 1 in his belly and 1 in his left nipple before).

♪ Likes eating spicy food. In fact, he ate world’s most spiciest peppers with ease and thinks that Naga Jolokia pepper, with a Scoville (scale of hotness) rating of 1,041,365 would taste good in a dish. Fellow TVXQ! members complain that Jaejoong, who is the group’s best, and only cook, always prepares food to his taste and not theirs.

♪ Enjoys cooking in his spare time.

♪ Can text message really quickly and accurately, and likes to use many emoticons in his messages.

♪ Calls himself the “expert” at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

♪ Has broad shoulders in contrast with his thin waist line.

♪ He likes girls who has pretty hands and feet.

♪ Believes he will marry a fan, wants 2 daughters and 1 son.

♪ Doesn’t really like his own voice because he thinks it sounds “awkward”.

♪ First kiss in the 6th grade (it was a cheek kiss).

♪ Hates girls who are very self centered and full of themselves.

♪ Broke his leg during “Rising Sun” promotions, rendering him unable to dance or perform with the members for a couple of months.

♪ Has a habit of sometimes sticking his tongue out after singing his part on stage performances.

♪ Able to move each of his shoulder blades separately.

♪ Able to inflate his stomach to 36 inches.

♪ Colored his hair blonde for the first time in late 2006 because Xiah Junsu told him you should try it and see how it looks.

♪ Shares a work-room with Micky Yoochun

♪ Enjoys eating cereal (with milk) whenever he wants (usually during dinner).

♪ Feels that Japanese Curry mixes really well with rice.

♪ Does not make very good “First Impressions”.

♪ Wants to be the Hero in the entertainment industry so stage name is Hero Jaejoong.

♪ Doesn’t like to do dishes.

♪ Talkative.

♪ Left home to pursue dream of becoming a singer.

♪ Was part of a band before entering SM.

Profile written by: Chuniism @ K-Idols Blog
Source & Credits for facts: Tohosomnia.net, Asianfanatics.net, DBSK’s official thread in soompi, ceskjj, as tagged


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  1. oto says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ccccccoooooollllllllll

  2. azee says:

    omg , he love spicy thing <3 i love it to :D

  3. KanLover says:

    He is talkative,likes to eat cereal during dinner just like me.lol…

  4. Gloria Jung says:

    Jaejoong~~ love u

  5. k33Hyun says:

    does he hav a nickname ?? o.O

  6. Pie Chocolat says:

    omg!his birthday is same as mine..!!hehehe (^_^)

  7. ewein says:

    Believes he will marry a fan..
    Omo! :)))
    I LOVE HIM!!!!!

  8. HeeDaYaa says:

    …‘Always Keep the Faith’ on his chest with something new above it (not yet confirmed)…
    LOLing at the “not yet confirmed” part actually..
    hahaha! XD somebody really need to go and check jaejoong’s chest, NOW! ^^

  9. daay says:

    I simply love him

  10. mony937064 says:

    todo en ingles pero lo amo!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ELFcassieINSPIRITbeautyKISSME says:

    I love him. And his movie “Heaven’s Postman” was beautiful!!!

  12. bui thi mai says:

    xin chao moi nguoi mong duoc lam quen voi moi nguoi

  13. I Love him so much….
    All bout him just so amazing to me…:))

  14. I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you I Love you

  15. xoxmdnsdfg says:

    loving him : easy
    not loving him: hard
    he’s truly AMAZING

  16. edherei says:

    Kyaaa!!! I can’t believe that Jaejoong has 9 tattoos as of now…hmmm…i wonder what will be his next tattoo if he’ll decide to have another one again. :)

  17. patricia ray says:

    The first time I saw him act was in ‘Heaven’s Postman’. It gave me a whole new impresshion of ‘Hero’ Jaejoong. Need to find more of his movies/kdramas to watch. Guess you might say I’m addicted!!!

  18. ambar puspita says:

    wuoh. I like it so much! <3
    But honestly.. he's so pretty. XD :D

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