[NEWS] BIG BANG Earns 2nd Consecutive Million-Selling Album in China with ′E′

Big Bang′s E album from the ′MADE SERIES′ has sold more than a million digital copies on China′s biggest music site QQ Music.

As of August 28, E, which contains tracks Let′s Not Fall in Love and Zutter, has sold 1,003,363 copies on China′s QQ Music, following D, which also sold over a million copies.

According to QQ Music, Big Bang′s digital albums M, A, D and E from the ′MADE SERIES′ have sold a combined 3,407,198 copies. Big Bang has received an enthusiastic response from local fans with each release, and the group′s upcoming full-length album is expected to garner a similar response.

Big Bang′s music videos also continue to have steady popularity in China. Let′s Not Fall in Love and Zutterare ranked number one and three, respectively, on QQ Music′s real-time music video chart and have been holding on to the top spots for the month of August. As of August 28, each music video has recorded 5,766,982 and 4,285,794 views, respectively.

Since May, Big Bang has performed at sold-out shows in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu and Hangzhou, receiving an explosive response from fans in China.

Big Bang will continue on to Changsha on August 28, before wrapping of its tour in China in Chongqing on August 30 and returning to Korea to focus on its full-length album.

Source: MWave via bigbangupdates

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