[NEWS] BEAST’s Hyunseung: “Big Bang and I Support Each Other”

BEAST member Jang Hyunseung recently shared his thoughts on promoting at the same time as BIG BANG.

On May 11, Hyunseung sat down for an interview with TV Report to discuss his solo activities and the release of his first-ever solo album “MY.”

Coincidentally, Hyunseung’s solo promotions—scheduled for a span of only two weeks—overlapped with BIG BANG’s comeback.

When asked about his thoughts on promoting with BIG BANG again, Hyunseung expressed, “I really like it. I think it’s a good picture to see that we’re promoting together, and I’m not being tied to BIG BANG.”

The BEAST member continued, “We first met through a survival program and I was eliminated from BIG BANG.”

As many fans may already know, Hyunseung was part of a show that aired in 2006 on MTV called “BIG BANG Documentary,” which followed the pre-debut selection process to become a final member of the group BIG BANG. At the time, Hyunseung was unable to make the cut. However, he later debuted as a member of BEAST and found success of his own.

“Had I disappeared without a trace or not earned popularity with BEAST, I honestly don’t know [how I would feel]. But now, BIG BANG and I are both doing well together, which is a good situation. I hope people will be able to view us positively because we are all doing well from our individual positions.”

On his relationship with the BIG BANG members, Hyunseung shared, “The members and I contact one another from time to time. We didn’t have a special conversation just because we met at the broadcast station. That would be more strange (laughs). It’s good that we are supporting each other.”

Source: @Soompi via bigbangupdates


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