[NEWS] Daesung Says People Think He’s More Handsome with New Hairstyle

Daesung shared his thoughts on what people have been saying about his new hairstyle.

On May 4, Big Bang held a press conference at the Conrad Hotel in Yeoido, where Daesung shared, “I got a new hairstyle in the Loser music video, and I heard a lot of people saying that I look better.”

He added with a smile, “It’s a new style where I cover half my face, so I wonder what they mean.”

“Either way, it’s a compliment, so I’m happy. I think I have to continue with this concept,” said Daesung. “I’ve been getting called handsome without even expecting it.”

Big Bang released Loser and Bae Bae on May 1, making a group comeback after three years. With new hairstyle changes, Daesung’s new hairstyle, which covers a third of his face, especially caught much attention.

“It’s a hairstyle where I need an escort because I can’t see very well,” explained Daesung. “Even during the SBS Inkigayo stage, I followed the members by holding their hands.”

T.O.P added, “I’m taking Daesung around, holding his hand.”

“Because we’ve been together for a long time, we understand and trust each other even more,” said Daesung. “Before, I thought that I was being harmful to Big Bang and YG and had the strong belief that I must be perfect, but now much of that fear is gone.”

“Because I made a lot of mistakes, I think I earned that through those mistakes. There were times when the door of opportunities would open up as well.”

Source: Enewsworld via bigbangupdates


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