[NEWS] Big Bang Talks About the Message Behind “Loser”

From Big Bang’s press interview held on May 4 at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul:

Q: What is the message of your new song “Loser”?

G-Dragon: When we first started working on the song, we only had the hook/chorus. In the beginning, the title of the song wasn’t even “Loser”; the whole song actually had a whole different theme to it. At some point, the song was just another typical love-themed track. Since, however, it was a song that we were releasing after many years, we thought that maybe we could change the theme to something that the mass public could relate to. We thought that if we wrote the song as relevant to the public’s own personal experiences, when they look at us, maybe they would see us in a different way with many different emotions. We thought that maybe the song could give strength to the public.

To many people, we may just look like really successful kids who live a nice life and we are pretty successful for people our age — it’s all true, but what they see on the outside of our skin is not what we feel inside. Inside all of us, we have an underlying sadness and loneliness. For example, we perform for nearly 50,000 people at Tokyo Dome for several days, but every night after the concert is over, we all just go into our hotel rooms and stay inside alone. We have that sense of emptiness inside of us. I know many people who will hear me saying this will all just say that I am only making up excuses and empty complaints [we don’t have a perfect life], but we really do feel that way. We wanted to make a song that the public could listen to and think, “Oh, those kids aren’t any different from us… they’re just like all of us – they have their own pain.” The song may sound like we are just trying to make ourselves feel better, but we wrote it to try to represent the 20s age group from a loser’s point of view.

Taeyang: Many people think of us as celebrities who got big and succeeded at a very young age, but if you watch our music video for “Loser”, you would know that we suffer through loneliness in areas that the public has no idea about. We are lonely inside of us in parts that others don’t feel or realize.

G-Dragon: All people have the tendency to think that they are winners in what they are most confident about and vice versa, they don’t feel like winners in areas that they are not confident in. We may look like we have everything and we may look like we don’t have a single flaw in our lives, but the emotions we feel on the inside of ourselves is what we transferred into “Loser” as a message to the youth. We [Big Bang members] have an unspeakable pain and loneliness inside of us. The bigger and more well-known we get as a group, the bigger the pressure and burden. None of us are the type to show those true emotions, so we borrowed the strength of music to express those feelings to the public.

Sources: My Daily, Star News
Translated by: Stacey @big_seunghyun via bigbangupdates


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