[NEWS] Will we be able to see Big Bang and Jinusean on one stage in May?

A rep from YG Entertainment recently revealed that there is a possibility of Jinusean and Big Bang appearing on the same stage together!

The rep revealed to OSEN, “G-Dragon and Taeyang proposed the idea of being on stage with Jinusean. Since Big Bang’s comeback date is set to be on May 1, they came up with the idea because their promotions will overlap.”

Big Bang and Jinusean have kept a close relationship as they go way back ever since G-Dragon signed under YG Entertainment and this has only grown over the years. Taeyang also appeared in Jinusean’s MV for “A-YO” back in 2001.

In addition, Jinusean mentioned Big Bang during their press conference held on April 15, talking about the group’s highly anticipated comeback. Jinu said, “This is the best album that Big Bang has ever released. Since they are making their comeback in May, we will work hard for the next two weeks.”

Sean also chipped in and said, “There were a lot of questions about who will be the first YG artist to make a comeback, but we asked Big Bang to understand [our wish to release first]. We are making a comeback after 11 years, so please understand. We asked the Big Bang members, ‘Your songs are really good, but since we’re making a comeback after so many years, it would be nice to place first.’ We came to a consensus and made our schedule.

Meanwhile, Big Bang is currently revealed to be in the final stages of preparation for their comeback on May 1. Jinusean has also made their comeback in the industry after a lengthy 11-year hiatus with “Tell Me One More Time.

It’s good to see that YG artists are continuing their close-knit relationship!

Credits: allkpop

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