[NEWS/VIDEOS] CL Performed in a Joint Stage with Puff Daddy & Skrillex at the UMF 2015

2NE1’s CL performed with the global dubstep superstar DJ Skrillex ahead of her American debut in front of a local audience of 100,000 alongside Puff Daddy (Diddy), frontliner of American hiphop.

YG Entertainment stated, “CL made a surprise appearance on Ultra Music Festival (UMF) with Skrillex during the last day of the 3-day long festival at the Miami, Florida Bayfront park. The stage garner the attention of 10 million local audience and watched by 6.87 million people real-time.”

CL boasted a fantastic stage with Skrillex alongside P. Diddy opening the event of the last show. CL made a surprise appearance performing on the stage with Skrillex’s ‘Dirty Vibe‘.

There were 100,000 spectators filling the scenes as CL performed, wrapping it up with a strong performance. The staged was lavishly decorated with LED video systems, lasers alongside the hot cheers of the audience.

CL captivated the audience with an intense performance of her debut song, “Mental Breakdown” in a remix version as P. Diddy join in the stage during the second half of the performance.

The concert also features not only CL, Skrillex and P. Diddy but also Justin Bieber heating up the stage at the end of the show.

Watch the live performances below:

Credits: YGUNITED + Tu-An Nguyen + CLtheBaddestFemale .


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