[NEWS] CL stays strong at top of voting poll in race to make ‘TIME’s list of top 100 influential people in the world

President Barack Obama?  Global pop icon Lady Gaga?  The sacred Pope Francis? Apparently, they’ve got nothing on Hallyu artist CL as this 2NE1 member has been nominated for ‘TIME‘s annual list of the top 100 most influential people in the world and has been beasting it in the poll.

She’s consistently stayed in first place, currently with a shocking 11.3% of votes while Lady Gaga follows behind in second with a hard drop to 4.3%!  Regarding CL, ‘TIME’ had written, “CL of popular girl group 2NE1 in Korea is a part of famous producer Scooter Braun‘s team and is preparing for her American debut.”

Looks like Blackjacks are voting furiously at the poll.  What are your thoughts?  The voting will take place until April 10 and final results unveiled on April 16.  You can vote here.

Credits: allkpop


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