[NEWS] T.O.P Media denies TEEN TOP Niel’s involvement in recent rumors about idol’s sex life

T.O.P Media has stated that TEEN TOP’s Niel is not involved in the recent rumors about an idol’s sex life that’s been making its way on the internet.

A rep stated, “Recently, we found out that one of our agency artists is being named after the release of a monthly media report that revealed initials. It’s a completely false rumor. At first, it was ridiculous, so we didn’t take it seriously. We thought that we shouldn’t stay quiet after it seemed that some people were taking the malicious rumors as fact. If rumors involving Niel spread even further, we’ll take legal action against whoever spread the rumor.”

Niel has been speculated by some netizens to be the male idol in the rumors, and KARA‘s Hara was also speculated as the female idol involved.

As previously reported, a media outlet reported that idol group member was dating B, calling it a ‘top idol couple’s 19+ love.‘ The report stated that while A was on a Japan tour in the middle of last year, she reserved an extra room to avoid her members and invited her boyfriend, B. The report stated, “If your tail is too long, people are bound to find out. During a concert, A fainted due to a stomachache, which was later found out to have been caused by a virus infection from sex (STD), causing chaos for the members and the agency.”

Credits: allkpop

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