[NEWS] 2NE1’s CL revealed to have returned to Korea + in final stage of U.S. debut preparations

2NE1’s CL has returned to Korea after preparing for her upcoming U.S. debut as a solo artist!

Her agency YG Entertainment rep stated on the 10th, “CL, who departed for the States on January 13, has returned to Korea yesterday (9th) after working on her U.S. solo debut album there… CL, who visited the States for the second time after her visit last year, started a music camp in LA under Scooter Braun‘s support for the past month with local, talented musicians for her debut-album production…. Her album has been completed, for the most part, in the States.

CL will stay in Korea, and make plans for her U.S. solo debut and MV filming, put finishing touches on her album, and more… She is now in the final stage of her album-production process for her U.S. debut.”

How excited are you to see this ‘baddest female’ make her solo debut in the U.S?

Credits: allkpop


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