[NEWS] Cass Beats CF Featuring T.O.P surpasses 2 million views

The power of BIG BANG is evident in OB Beer’s recent Cass Beats CF featuring charismatic member T.O.P.

On January 17th, Cass released a highlight reel of the Cass Beats CF on their official YouTube account and garnered over 1 million views within the first week. Since the release, it was reported that the video exceeded 2 million views on January 29th. The highlight version of the CF reveals TOP as a DJ with an extensive backdrop and a large crowd.

The promotional motto for Cass Beats is, “This could be the most exhilarating beat’s moment if I only had Cass.” The highlight reel of the CF can be accessed through the QR code on each Cass can to bring TOP and his EDM music come to life. Though the QR code is for the highlight reel, the full version of the CF, interviews, and behind the scene clips are accessible on Cass’s Youtube channel.

OB Beer shared that, “This CF features TOP, Cass beer, and EDM, which are representations of the younger generation and all these elements come together to create synergy,” and, “OB Beer will continue to choose representatives of the young generation to represent the beer of younger generations.”

Meanwhile, BIG BANG members are currently working on a new album.

Source: Top Star News and Cass Official Facebook via Koreaboo.com + bigbangupdates


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