[NEWS] TOP Media & TEEN TOP revealed to have filed a lawsuit against netizens who spread rumors about chart manipulation

It’s been belatedly revealed that TEEN TOP and their agency filed a lawsuit against 4 netizens who were responsible for spreading rumors claiming that the group was involved in sajaegi (a method used for chart manipulation).

A police rep revealed to Osen that the lawsuit had been filed last month on October 2 citing defamation against 4 individuals.

Their agency TOP Media confirmed to Star News recently, “We filed a lawsuit against 4 individuals who spread false rumors about album sajaegi when ‘TEEN TOP 20’S LOVE ONE EXITO‘ was released in September for defamation of character… The police found the people and went into investigation.. Among them, there are those in their teens and twenties… Afterwards, we held a personal meeting with these individuals and most of them said they were reflecting on their actions and pleaded for mercy… We are currently deciding on whether to show leniency.”

TEEN TOP previously topped music charts and won on music shows with “Missing” for a successful promotion. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing as netizens raised suspicions of sajaegi and the rumors heated up even further when 2PM‘s Jun.K posted an ambiguous tweet. This led to fanwars, and Taecyeon had to step up to ask Angels and HOTTEST to stop their feud.

TEEN TOP put the past rumors behind them by coming back strong with repackaged album ‘TEEN TOP 20’S LOVE TWO EXITO‘ to thank fans for their success.

Credits: allkpop

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