[NEWS] G-Dragon says he is more comfortable working with Taeyang than T.O.P

G-Dragon talked about working with vocalist Taeyang versus working with fellow rapper T.O.P during a recent interview with the media held in Seoul on November 25.

Back in 2010, G-Dragon teamed up with T.O.P to form GD&TOP, attracting a lot of attention to their collaboration. This year, the idol rapper teamed up with Taeyang for the newly released single, “GOOD BOY.”

When asked to compare the differences between the two, G-Dragon commented, “Rappers have pride and no matter what kind of musical ability I try to fix, we clash a lot. Of course, the clashing is to have a better output.

He continued, “It’s not that Taeyang submissively follows me, but I know Taeyang’s style very well and have participated in his album in the past so it’s more comfortable. For Taeyang, even if I don’t give him a particular direction, he brings out much more than what I had wanted. If I was making an album, then it might have been uncomfortable working with Taeyang, but since we were only doing one song, it was comfortable.

G-Dragon also revealed that T.O.P was difficult to meet up with due to clashing of schedules while Taeyang is always at one place. He said, “When T.O.P is producing, he always has other schedules and is busy so it is very hard to meet up with him. On the other hand, Taeyang is always in the studio.

Credits: allkpop

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