[NEWS] Defconn reveals veteran singer Kim Jong Min spoke formally to G-Dragon

Defconn made everybody laugh with his revelation that veteran singer, Koyote’s Kim Jong Min, spoke in formal tone to G-Dragon!

KBS 2TV aired a new episode of ‘Happy Together 3‘ on November 6 featuring Defconn and Kim Jong Min as guests.  On the show, Defconn said, “I saw [him] speak formally to G-Dragon.”

On the show, Kim Jong Min stated, “I filmed a CF with Defconn, and G-Dragon participated with us.  Defconn said G-Dragon arrived so we should go greet him.  I am much more senior in the music industry, so I was taken aback.  However, I followed him.”  In the Korean industry, it is expected that the hoobae (or junior) goes to greet the sunbae (senior).

Defconn interjected, “That memory is wrong.  We were doing a prerecording and after hearing G-Dragon had arrived, I said to Kim Jong Min, ‘I’ll go greet him and be back.’  But then he followed me.  Then he said to G-Dragon in formal tones, ‘Hello.  Nice to meet you.’ If anything, G-Dragon was taken aback,” in turn surprising Kim Jong Min and making everybody laugh!

Credits: allkpop


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