[NEWS] TEEN TOP’s Ricky and Changjo reveal they still get an allowance from their parents

TEEN TOPs Ricky and Changjo revealed that they still received monthly allowances from their parents on today’s SBS radio program, ‘Cultwo Show.’ On this particular episode of ‘Cultwo Show,’ idol group TEEN TOP and GilMe appeared as guests on the show to talk about their newest music as well as other details about their daily lives.

The DJs asked the members, “Youngest members Ricky and Changjo are now adults. They get credit cards and can even drink now. Are there any changes to your daily life?

Then Ricky revealed, “I still live while receiving allowances from my parents. I get around 400,000 KRW (~ $400 USD) monthly.” Changjo added, “I get around 500,000 KRW (~ $500 USD) monthly. I get 100,000 KRW (~ $100 USD) more than Ricky. I thank my mother.

Ricky then responded, “It’s upsetting. For me, 100,000 KRW (~ 100 USD) is a lot.

Meanwhile, the boys of TEEN TOP are currently promoting their newest album, ‘Exito,’ as well as their title track, ‘Missing.’

Credits: allkpop


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