[NEWS] YG Entertainment once again assures that Seungri is not in serious condition despite having been in the ICU previously

YG Entertainment once again assured worried fans that Big Bang’s Seungri is not in serious condition, after a report came out claiming that Seungri had only just been moved to the general ward of the hospital from the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

A YG Entertainment rep told Newsen on the 24th, “It’s been a while since Seungri was transferred from the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to the general hospital ward. After being in the ICU for around 3 days to a week, he was moved to the general hospital ward.”

“Seungri was expected to remain in the hospital for a week, but it is taking longer than expected. But it is not a very serious condition, so he is staying in the hospital to just rest a bit longer… He is still recovering and his condition has improved a lot. His date of release from the hospital has not been decided yet.”

However, despite the reassurance, netizens and fans are questioning whether his injuries are as minor as the agency previously claimed, especially since the agency did reveal today that the idol was at one point admitted into the ICU. They also point out that if his injuries are minor like the agency previously stated, the idol should be well enough to participate in the police investigation.

Credits: allkpop


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