[NEWS] 2PM announces tracklist for ‘GO CRAZY!’

2PM has announced the tracklist to their long-awaited comeback album, ‘GO CRAZY!“.

The album is set to feature 11 heart-pounding tracks, and an additional 7 tracks which will be exclusive to the ‘GRAND EDITION’. Highlights will include ‘Mine’ with lyrics by Chansung, and the title track, ‘Are They Crazy?’ with lyrics by Jun.K himself.

Check out the tracklist above!


Online Release 09.15 00:00

1. GO CRAZY! (Title Track)

2. A Night Like Tonight

3. She’s Ma Girl

4. Mine

5. Awesome!

6. Rain is Falling (Let It Rain)

7. Boyfriend

8. Push&Pull

9. Farewell Trip

10. Beautiful (Kor ver.)

11. I’m Your Man (Kor ver.)


Online Release 09.29 12:00

1. Superman / Jun.K & Wooyoung

2. Come Back To Me (feat. Baek Ah Yeon) / Taecyeon & Chansung

3. Love is True / Junho & Nichkhun

4. Saying I Love You / Taecyeon & Chansung

5. GO CRAZY! (BOYTOY Crazy Remix)

6. GO CRAZY! (BOYTOY Vibe Remix)

7. GO CRAZY! (djnure VS. Fingazz Remix)


Credits: allkpop


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