[NEWS] Block B’s Zico says talent should come before age or experience

Block B’s Zico had a few complaints about how things work in the industry.

On the August 26th episode of the ‘4 Things Show‘, Zico expressed that he feels ability should come before age or experience. He said, “The thing I dislike the most is how people focus on age and experience. There are people who judge others not by their talent, but by their age and experience. I’ve disliked that since I was young.”

He went on, “People told me, ‘You’re only this age and you’ve only rapped for 2 years.’ When I heard those sorts of things, I felt like they don’t give what I say credit. In the midst of all that, there was Skull hyung. He said to me, ‘No matter what anyone says to you, just do you. If you have confidence, everyone will acknowledge you later.’ I’ve held that close to my heart ever since I heard it.”

Do you agree with Zico?

Credits: allkpop


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