[NEWS] Daesung’s Interview with ‘Daily Music‘ Japan

This is his second solo album, but also his first original album. D-Lite’s “D’slove” has been released. This time around, we are near the recording set of M-on’s music program “CDET!”, listening to the emotions he inputted into this album. We are trying to get a feel of the atmosphere that he created.

“D’slove”, the second solo album from D-Lite, has a theme based off “love” and took the crown during its debut on Oricon’s daily albums chart. D-Lite showed us his rich vocals and caring trait during his arena tour held in June and July. Caring D-Lite have been telling all the staff members to look out for him and teach him more whenever they can. He shines when he speaks and the atmosphere around him is just as harmonious like usual. From our conversation about his album and his tour, I can sense his confidence as a solo artist from his straightforwardness.

BIG BANG’s main vocal who loves singing, D-LITE’s new work! Singing about love:

Q1: Your previous album “D’scover” is a J-Pop cover album. “D’slove” is an album with original songs as the center of attention. How do you feel when you listen to the songs?
D-Lite: I produced this album revolving around the topic of “love”. I used songs to describe the strongest and warmest feeling in all emotions, which is “love”. For example, “Rainy Rainy” and “Dress”, were produced together with the Japanese composers. During the initial stages, the title for the songs was “Rainy Rainy” and “Dress”. I thought that it was good so I added in lyrics based on my minor experiences.

Q2: This time round you participated in writing lyrics too.
D-Lite: Yes, I wrote the lyrics in Korean first then I seeked help to translate it to Japanese. There are a couple of versions that were in Japanese so I sang the songs out first with its Japanese lyrics to see which relates the most. If the pronunciation is different, the song changes as well.

Q3: Did your previous experience of covering J-Pop songs help?
D-Lite: Yes, when singing in Japanese, I always have thoughts like “How do I input my feelings and heart into the song?” As I already have these results from my previous experience, I am able to perform differently. I think this is really good.

Q4: Do you think it is easy to write songs about love?
D-Lite: Speaking about whether it is easy or tough… When I was in my teens, I was always having a crush on others, I am the type who cannot confess to girls I love (laugh). However, I will carry the mood of being in love over to the recording sessions and the experience then will make me delve into the song naturally.

Q5: “Are the listeners able to resonate with the songs?” Don’t you have worries like this?
D-Lite: I do. The previous album was a J-Pop cover album and the songs were everybody’s favourites thus I thought the reaction will be good as well. On the contrary, original songs are like gambling, we never know if it will garner their support. However, it is great to know that so many people enjoy listening to my songs.

Hope to be “pampered”?! D-LITE’s relaxing talk!

Q6: Your arena tour in June and July was awesome. I saw your performance at Nippon Budoukan and I feel that the fans are really very warm.
D-Lite: Ah, have you been infected by them already? (laughs)


Q7: Yes (laugh). Your interaction with the audience was great and funny.
D-Lite: That is the most important part. Singing is also important but because there is technically zero chances with speaking with my fans thus I wanted to create sufficient “me+fans” time during the concert. With that being said, it means that being the role of an MC is also very important. As there are also many fans that went for last year’s “D’LIVE” also present this year, it will be good to let everybody know how my concert works so the atmosphere will be good too.

Q8: That’s really nice of you. (Example) You will give bottled water to the audience as a present occasionally…
D-Lite: I did not plan to do that at the start but when I suddenly think of giving something to them, I looked around me and I can only find bottled water (laugh). I’ve mentioned this countless times during my MC portion in my concert.

I don’t have a special existence, I am also not a very awe-inspiring person nor am I an outstanding person. I am just a normal human. It’s just that I love singing a lot…. So, it is not about “showing others the greatest performance” but rather, understanding my fans, wanting to be able to communicate with them in tandem. I want to exist in their life like a friend.

Q9: You are really outstanding as the main vocalist and you are also a charismatic artist. This sentence of yours left a deep impression on me. “Even if my throat hurts when I project my voice out during rehearsals, I am still able to sing when the concert starts officially”
D-Lite: My throat isn’t very good to begin with and I’ve also said things like “my throat is bad today”. However, I can only persevere on. (Daesung has suffered from Vocal nodules since 2006)

Q10: Lots of determination. I personally like it when you sing BIG BANG’s “Fantastic Baby” solo as well.
D-Lite: Hahahahaha! Ah, it is not a big deal because it is actually not that tough (laughs).

Q11: (laughs). Let’s talk about other stuffs apart from your solo activities. BIG BANG will be performing in A-nation festival, what kind of concert do you guys want to conduct?
D-Lite: Solo activities are actually a personal growth period. After experiencing different emotions and new things, when all 5 of us get together again, we will be very strong. A-nation’s festival will be the long-awaited performance by the 5 of us thus it will definitely be super high!

Q12: Fellow member Sol is also releasing his debut album in Japan and conducting a tour. Any thoughts about his solo activities?
D-Lite: I did start my solo activities in Japan slightly earlier than him, but Sol has always been hosting solo activities in Korea since the start. When preparing for my own solo concert, I will look through G-Dragon, Sol and V.I.’s solo activities as reference. Sol is charming and he is good at singing too. His dance is also great thus there’s no worry there (laughs).

Q13: It’s mutual recognition.
D-Lite: Yes. I think that is also our plus point.

Q14: The Japanese artist you are more interested in now?
D-Lite: An artist who does cover work of one of the songs in my cover album. Before that though, I received Motohiro Hata’s new concert DVD as a present. I would like to watch it after my Japan tour ends.

Q15: Your favorite Japanese phrase recently?
D-Lite: ちやほや (Chiyahoya: “to pamper”). I learnt this phrase during my Korean lesson. It sounds cute and the meaning is interesting too. I remembered it immediately by just listening to it once (laughs).

Translation by: nakedae @ Smile Holic (dsholic.com)
Source: Daily Music via bigbangupdates


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