[FAN ACCOUNT] More accounts from Super Junior Leeteuk Fanmeet 07/29/14

✫LT: Our E.L.Fs are pretty, cute, have huge strength, know how to fight and brilliant when fighting on the internet.

✫ LT: You can say anything about me in private, but at public events you must say I’m more handsome than Jang Dong-Gun and Won Bin.
Fans: Eyyyyyy.
LT: Didn’t I just asked you all to praise me?
Fans: But this isn’t a public event!
LT: (speechless) It’s not public but it doesn’t mean that it’s not an official event!!

✫ When it’s almost over, fans didn’t want it to end and keep shouting “don’t end!”.
LT: There is nothing else!
Fans: There is still ticket drawing!
LT: *asks the staff* There really is nothing else!!
Fans: There is!!!
LT: Okay fine I have something for you all. *looks around in his pockets and show a love sign* (refer to the promise curtain call video ㅋㅋㅋ)
Fans: …..
LT: You all got it right? You all are so scary ㅠㅠ

(cr. 进哥哥呀哈哈)


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This is Super DeDe in love with Eunhyuk! Proud to be an Elf,Cassie,Inspirit,Triple S and many more Kpop rules
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