[NEWS] Block B to come back with 4th mini-album, “HER”

Group Block B will be coming back to the music industry on July 24th with a new album.

Block B will embark on authentic comeback promotions beginning at midnight on the 24th with their fourth mini-album ‘HER.’

In particular, this album is an album that will be newly prepared and released following the cancellation of JACKPOT activities last April, which included a music video starring Kim Sae Ron. Block B, whose every album has been unique and who consistently show a strong image, are raising hot anticipation for their new song.

This time as well, they are preparing a song produced by leader Zico, and are preparing to show a new image that is significantly different from the existing Block B, which is raising many questions.

In addition, for this album they are planning to release tracks from JACKPOT for purchase on online sites on the 18th, for the fans who experienced much disappointment following the cancellation of JACKPOT activities.

Meanwhile, Block B’s 4th mini-album ‘HER’ will be available on the 24th.


Translated by: Kari @ blockbintl


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