[NEWS] Taeyang’s ‘LOVE YOU TO DEATH’ passes KBS’ strict music content review

In a surprising twist, KBS has belatedly announced that the track “LOVE YOU TO DEATH” from Taeyang’s second full-length album ‘RISE’ has passed KBS’ strict requirements and deemed it appropriate for broadcast.

According to the results of their music content review for the fourth week of June on the 25th, KBS reviewed 154 tracks and 146 received the ‘OK’ sign from the broadcast station including Taeyang’s “LOVE YOU TO DEATH”, Yoon Jong Shin‘s “Somehow” with Kelly, and Shin Hae Chul‘s “A.D.D.A“.

Reddy‘s “U Turn” was deemed unsuitable for broadcast due to the cursing and coarse language in its lyrics, Ssangdu Macha‘s “Studmuffin” was deemed unfit due to its sexually explicit lyrics, and Molly.D‘s “5AM” was also put on the chopping block for its lyrics, which were deemed as potentially offensive to handicapped people, and more.

Do you agree with KBS’ decisions this time?

Credits: allkpop


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