[NEWS] Super Junior Ryeowook Idol Friends cheer him on

Super Junior member Ryeowook has been getting a lot of support from his various idol friends for his musical production of “The Goddess Is Watching“.

On Twitter, Ryeowook uploaded various pictures of himself posing with his idol friends who visited him during rehearsal on June 18. In the pictures, he is posing amiably with Key from SHINee, N from VIXX, Minhyuk from BTOB, and Juniel. Along with the image, he added, “Thank you!”, showing his gratitude for the support.

Ryeowook, who is making a name for himself as a talented musical actor, is currently appearing in the musical production of “The Goddess Is Watching” as character Ryu Soon Ho. The production premiered on April 26 and it will run at Doosan Art Center until July 27.


Source: www.soompi.com


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