[News] Super Junior Donghae in Elle “Being part of Super Junior”

The fashion magazine “Elle” recently revealed the pictorials and the interview they had with Super Junior’s Donghae.

Through this pictorial, Donghae has shown his handsome face as well as his deep eyes. He was able to stylishly wear a white shirt and white jeans, giving off a clean and basic look.

In the spring, Donghae formed a unit with fellow member Eunhyuk, called “Donghae&Eunhyuk.” The boys had their own tour in Japan and told Elle that they had a total of 22 shows. He expressed his gratefulness towards his fans by saying, “We did a total of 22 shows and on the last show, I read the letter I wrote to the fans and cried a lot.”

Donghae also expressed his thoughts about spending the last 10 years as a member of Super Junior. He said, “It’s hard to explain it in words even though I’ve seen and felt a lot of things. I don’t want to be reborn again. I’m not trying to be conceited. It means I’m really satisfied with the way things are now.”

Currently, Donghae is playing the role of Han Shi Woo in OCN’s drama, “God’s Quiz 4.” He also appeared in “The Youth,” which was shown at the “Jeonju International Film Festival” during May.

Donghae’s emotional fashion pictorials and interview will be released the July edition of “Elle.”

Source: elle www.soompi.com


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