[VIDEO] TEEN TOP claims there’s more than meets the eye for ‘Entertainers’ teaser

Mnet has released a teaser for their upcoming show ‘Entertainers‘!

The teaser is short and features TEEN TOP saying, “We are TEEN TOP. What you see isn’t everything.” The show is also introduced.

‘Entertainers’ is a new Mnet show that will air in July. Yoon Jong Shin will be producing for TEEN TOP instead of his usual Mystic89 artists.

PD Park Jun Su described the show as a lighthearted, faux documentary, “TEEN TOP, who made their debut four years ago, is famous as the representative sharp-as-a-knife choreography idols in the K-pop scene, but yet their boyish innocence have been preserved… ‘Entertainers’ will show multi-talented and innocent idol group TEEN TOP meeting Yoon Jong Shin and facing the music industry through the best producing, they will try to rise to the top of the K-pop scene in the delightful satire.

Source: Mnet via allkpop



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