[NEWS] Park Bom and Park Min Woo pose as the Park-Park couple on ‘Roommate’

2NE1’s Park Bom posed in a couple selca with the third guy on ‘Roommate’ who she mentioned that she was interested in, Park Min Woo!

Park Bom shared earlier today on her Instagram, “Minwoo&Bom*^^* Do we look good together????keke I look forward to this week’s #Roommate*^_____^*….. The king’s ears are donkey ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [referring to a Korean fable of someone who found it hard to keep the big secret that the king had donkey ears] I want to say what’s going to happen on this week’s broadcast quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kekeke I should waitㅠㅠ.”

Park Bom and Park Min Woo showed how close they’ve gotten by leaning on each other’s shoulders at the backyard of the ‘Roommate’ share house. With Park Min Woo’s down-to-earth charms and Park Bom’s out-of-this-world charms, they could very well make a cute Park-Park couple!

Do you think they look good together? Which love line are you shipping?

Credits: allkpop


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