[NEWS] Jiyeon and Jung Hyung Don compete on ‘Weekly Idol’ to see who is a bigger G-Dragon fan

T-ara’s Jiyeon, who recently made her solo debut, appeared on ‘Weekly Idol‘ and faced off with Jung Hyung Don to see which one was a bigger G-Dragon fan.

When asked what was G-Dragon’s favorite number, Jung Hyung Don said the answer, the number eight, even before the question was asked completely, showing a competitive edge.  However, Jiyeon got the next question, which asked what was G-Dragon’s favorite skinship and gave three answer choices.  She chose pulling on the earlobe, which caused Jung Hyung Don to jokingly call her a sasaeng for knowing that.

For the next and last one, they had to complete a sentence relating to G-Dragon’s ideal type: “A woman who can cook well and is ___________.”  None other than Jung Hyung Don got this answer correct as he chose, “Knowledgeable,” although that was the only answer choice left after his and Jiyeon’s first wrong guesses!

Check out the amusing clip above at 44:14!  You can also watch her do the random dance player and cutie player.

Credits: allkpop


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