[NEWS] Zico reveals Block B members don’t meet up with each other when not promoting

Zico revealed that the Block B members don’t really meet up when they’re not promoting!

Block B’s Kyung, Zico, P.O, and Taeil were guests on the June 1st episode of ‘Challenge 1000 Song‘. MC Lee Hwi Jae asked Zico, “You guys don’t meet up when you’re not promoting, right?” Zico answered, “We meet for business. Everyone has their personal life.

Lee Hwi Jae also asked, “Aren’t Zico and Hyorin close?” Hyorin responded, “We’re not that close. I wanted to thank him for helping us on our album, but now I’m seeing him here today. Did you receive the album?

Zico answered, “I didn’t get an album. I just saw the written comment.” Hyorin was flustered by his answer and apologized, saying, “Did you really not get it?

Credits: allkpop


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