[NEWS] Haru asks if she can buy G-Dragon on the upcoming episode of ‘Superman is Back’

The adorable Haru displayed her ‘G-Dragon fever’ once again and went so far as to ask if she can buy him on the upcoming episode of ‘Superman is Back’!

On the upcoming episode, Tablo brought Haru and his wife Kang Hye Jung to Osaka with him for the YG Family Concert to fulfill his dream of having Haru seeing him perform on stage. Kang Hye Jung asked Tablo, “Can we do some shopping with your card?”, to which Tablo coolly obliged. Hearing this mention of the magical credit card, Haru asked, “Daddy, can we buy a dolphin with your card?”, making Tablo laugh. Then she asked, “Then can I buy Kwon Ji Yong [G-Dragon] too?”, and Tablo hilariously replied, “No, we can’t buy Ji Yong. Daddy’s card will exceed the maximum spending limit.”

Even after Haru arrived at the concert venue, she asked her dad, “Where is Ji Yong oppa? Is he sleeping? Why is he sleeping?”, showing her attachment to her favorite Big Bang member.

Will Haru reunite with G-Dragon? Find out on ‘Superman is Back’ on the 25th at 4:20 PM KST!

Credits: allkpop


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