[NEWS] Seo Kang Jun says Park Bom is one of the reasons to watch ‘Roommate’

5urprise member and rookie actor Seo Kang Jun picked 2NE1’s Park Bom as one of the fun points of their upcoming SBS variety show ‘Roommate’!

During a recent interview with Sports Donga, Seo Kang Jun revealed his reason for joining ‘Roommate’, “Since variety shows are a field I haven’t done yet, I definitely wanted to do it. After appearing on ‘Radio Star’, I had let go of my thoughts of becoming an MC but I got a casting offer as a participant for this new reality show, so I thankfully decided to accept… Since an actor shines as his character, there aren’t many opportunities to show one’s real self so through ‘Roommate’, I hope to get close with viewers.”

When asked to name something to look for in the upcoming show, Seo Kang Jun pointed out without hesitation, “Please watch 2NE1’s Park Bom closely.”

“Park Bom noona is a person who has her own distinctive world. She has a unique charm to her to the point that you can’t even describe her as 4D… Even while accepting the group living rules, she clearly shows her unique charms. Please check it out through the broadcast.”

Tune in to find out what Seo Kang Jun is talking about when ‘Roommate’ premieres on May 4 at 4:20 PM KST!

Credits: allkpop


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