[NEWS] Block B to cancel ‘Jackpot’s online release and comeback schedule

While other artists have further delayed their comebacks, Block B announced that after their initial delay and much consideration, they have decided to cancel their comeback completely.

The boys’ agency wrote on their official twitter,

Hello. It’s Seven Seasons.

We have an announcement to make concerning the release of Block B’s single [JACKPOT].

On April 16, we announced the delay of Block B’s release and comeback schedule for single ‘JACKPOT’.

However, in a situation in which the bereaved families of the missing and victims of the national disaster are suffering, the agency and members find it difficult to take on their new album activities. Thus, we have decided to cancel their single album release and comeback schedule.

The agency and members all made this difficult decision after careful deliberation and we sincerely apologize to the many fans who waited for Block B’s comeback.

After wrapping up their schedule for their first solo concert ‘2014 BLOCKBUSTER’, Block B will greet you all with a new album as soon as possible.

Once again, we apologize to the many fans who love and cherish Block B and JACKPOT. We ask the fans for their understanding.

We also offer our deep condolences to the victims and bereaved families who are going through unbearable pain through this accident.

Thank you.

– The offline ‘JACKPOT’ physical album sale will be limited to the amount of the initial batch.
– Block B’s official fanclub BBC’s 2nd round activities will start with the next album’s comeback.

Although fans who have been waiting patiently may find the news a bit upsetting, as it is a decision that has been made to show their respect for a tragedy, hopefully the gesture will be understood. The boys had already dropped their “Jackpot” MV previously, so fans can still watch Block B in action through the video while they wait for a next comeback!

Credits: allkpop


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