[NEWS] Block B’s Park Kyung and Zico reveal they have the same ex-girlfriend

On Block B’s reality program ‘5 Minutes Before Chaos‘, members Park Kyung and Zico revealed on April 10 that they dated the same girl! The members were given a mission to expose secrets about the member they were assigned to, and Park Kyung was given the mission to expose one of Zico’s.

Park Kyung came out with a picture and said, “This picture is of Zico’s ex-girlfriend.” Hearing this, Zico was rendered speechless with surprise at first, but got up right away to go see what picture Park Kyung had brought.

Park Kyung continued, “To be honest, this girl was a girl I dated.  After dating me in fifth grade, she dated Zico in sixth grade,” making everyone laugh.

Zico elaborated in a latter clip, “It’s kind of that unclear situation where you don’t know if it’s fit to call her an ex-girlfriend. It was just when we’re young and we’d talk on messenger and send each other messages and things like that,” reminiscing on his younger years. But Park Kyung hilariously interjected, looking at the camera, “But the important thing here is that I dated her first,” making Zico chuckle at Kyung’s boasting.

In the picture above, Park Kyung is the handsome boy at the top while Zico is flashing his cute smile in the bottom left.  It appears the lucky girl right in the middle of the picture was both of their ex-girlfriend, but for the sake of her privacy her face was blurred out.

Credits: allkpop


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